Trollheimen is a mountain range on the border between Nordmøre and Trøndelag. The area is known for its varied and fertile landscape with lots of different plants and animals.

It has a rich history and is still used for grazing, reindeer herding, hunting and fishing. The heart of Trollheimen is a landscape conservation area.

An area that is not to be missed

Norway has a lot of mountain ranges. There is Dovre, the symbol of Norway’s imperishability, and Jotunheimen with its giants from Norse mythology, but the magical giant pines of Trollheimen have made an equally powerful mark on Norwegian folklore. Even the most rational souls can be overcome by superstition when they enter this mountain realm. The heart of the trolls’ realm, where seven valleys meet, lies in the depths of Folldalen. The valley and mountain range are watched over by ‘The Emperor’ and ‘The King’, Snota and Trollhetta. The former is a sharp-pointed nunatak that has never been humbled by ice, while the latter is a rounded and apparently innocuous peak. Until, that is, you discover the 500-metre precipice with its vertical drop into the ‘troll’s eye’, a thick ice floe that covers and floats on the Litjhelvete, or ‘Little Hell’, tarn.

Trollheimen has all sorts of activities and great experiences to offer.

Discover Trollheimen with a guide. Contact us and make a date!

  • Giant pine ramble, we find the biggest giants.
  • Giant pine ramble, we find the magical giants, including lunch and a rest in a hammock.
  • Guided tours to Litjhelvete, Trollhetta, Snota, etc.
  • Moose safari, August and September
  • Climbing/abseiling, with an instructor from Trollheimen Aktiv.
  • Pothole and canyon diving in a wetsuit. Guided by Trollheimen Aktiv.

Things to do independently. We are happy to share the best berrying spots with you. Map.

  • Forest hike
  • Peak hike
  • Berry hike, August
  • Mushroom hike, August

Things to do independently. Bathing spots for the whole family.

  • River bathing pool (300 m)
  • Igeltjønna pond (2 km)
  • Folldalsjettegrytene giant’s kettles (7 km)
  • Resvatnet lake (20 km)
  • Lean-to shelters at Furuhaugmarka (7 km) and Helgetunmarka (12 km)
  • BBQ sites at Rørvatnet lake (14 km) and Grønlivatnet lake (6 km)

Pay a visit to the new skiing museum. There are excellent hiking trails, including a birdwatching tower, close by.

If you want to know more about Trollheimen and all the possibilities it has to offer, just get in touch. We are happy to tailor activities specifically for you or your group.