Courtyard experiences

The charming buildings and all the natural splendours of the area offer all sorts of great and unforgettable experiences for young and old. Here are a few examples.

  • Langlifurua, the village’s largest pine, is well preserved under cover.
  • The bar in Langlihuset is open in the summer.
  • When the weather is right for a bonfire, we gather around the flames for a good drink and pleasant conversation.
  • Photography competition. 35 images from different countries challenge you to a round-the-world voyage.
  • Photography exhibition indoors and out. Maybe you will be lucky enough to be given a tour of the photo lab in the basement too.
  • Guided tour of the different buildings around the courtyard
  • Retro/historical games, including jumping in the hay, walking on stilts, Viking games, etc.
  • Cookhouse with open fire, good drinks and maybe a live singer.