“Everyone remembers the conference and company in these unique surroundings”

The Saga Trollheimen Hotel is a popular place for professional and social get-togethers with up to 70 guests. ‘Get-together’ is the key word for the people who come here. Because this is a place where no one goes out on the town. On the contrary, they stay together and build relationships in surroundings that provide tranquillity, solidarity and creativity.

Getting here is easy. Reckon with just under two hours from Trondheim Værnes Airport and Molde. Slightly less from Kristiansund. If you have employees throughout Norway, we are right in the middle of the country.

Courses and conferences

Our course and conference facilities meet all the requirements for giving presentations and communicating. The rooms are of many different sizes, with the largest accommodating 70 people (see the summary below). The wireless network covers the hotel and all its facilities.


Big birthdays, weddings, record sales and all sorts of other things are celebrated here. What they all have in common is that the hosts want their guests to enjoy a great atmosphere in unique surroundings. Room choice depends on the number of guests.

You will scarcely have come across such facilities before

Conference hall

Our unique conference hall is designed to inspire and motivate, and has a separate break area. The 5-metre ceiling height provides a great feeling of space, good air quality and practical options.

Meeting room

The meeting room in the main building seats 40 in sofa groups, and is equipped with a projector, loudspeakers and a 3x2-metre screen. The perfect place for informal meetings.

Group rooms

We have two group rooms by the conference hall and one in the old ‘Farmhouse’. The dining room and conservatory are also suitable for meetings.

Dining room

Our dining room with refectory tables seating between 50 and 60 diners is located in the main building. Each refectory table can be laid for 10 or 20 people. The table setting is customised for the specific occasion: stylish banquet, informal and rustic, or everyday and enjoyable.

Banqueting hall

Our unique banqueting hall is located in "Sponhuset" and seats up to 110 diners. Adjoining the banqueting hall is Saga’s fully licensed bar. For more informal celebrations, Sponhuset can accommodate more than 300 people.


The Eldhuset cookhouse in the courtyard seats 24 people on benches surrounding the hearth, where the food is prepared. Here you sit on moose and reindeer hides while people chat, the singer performs and the cook prepares choice ingredients from the forests and mountains. Imagine eating moose, reindeer and venison served with root vegetables, mushrooms and homemade herbal drinks.

The atmosphere in the cookhouse is such that the hosts like to tell stories about the hotel, the village, Trollheimen and how people lived in days gone by in the forests and mountains. It is our pleasure.

Have a comfortable stay with us

We offer overnight accommodation with 60 beds in 30 rooms. All our rooms have a distinctive character, good indoor climate, bathroom with shower and WC, and internet access.

Our rooms do not have a television, something our guests appreciate. Here it is all about enjoying life and all that is different.

Eat well with us

Saga foods

It is important for us to be able to serve you good local food from Rindal and organic/local produce from the surrounding villages. Because it forms part of who we are, and because it is a key element in what you have come here to experience. An agreement with the Southern Sami in Trollheimen provides us with the finest ingredients from the forests and mountains.