“We wanted to create a place that modern day people feel is a good place to be”

It took time to create what is now the Saga Trollheimen Hotel. Old buildings were moved here from the local area and adapted for modern use. New buildings were constructed the old way. At every turn, you encounter true craftsmanship that is a joy to behold and touch. Genuine wellbeing cannot and ought not to be built quickly. And maybe we are not finished either.

Then there are the surroundings. The courtyard between the buildings, with flowers and trees and birdsong. The river running by, tempting you to take a dip in its bathing pool. Hammocks slung among the trees in the forest. Trollheimen, mythical and sublime, with its giant pines and sparkling water.

We have always considered it important for the hotel and its surroundings to form a unified whole. And for us, your hosts, to have time for you and yours. Which is why your stay will be an experience unique to this place.

And why modern day people from Norway and abroad feel this is a good place to be.

Randi Haugland and Morten Gåsvand

The fairytale world on Trollheimen’s doorstep!

Magical nights and memorable days in archetypal Norway – Rindal, Southwest Trøndelag.


Saga Trollheimen is an eco-friendly hotel. We value fresh air, a healthy indoor climate, good sleep and delicious food prepared using local ingredients.


The hotel is also a flexible course and conference venue that is able to stage a rewarding event. Thirteen different buildings featuring traditional log, shingle and pillar techniques are ranged around a courtyard and provide a setting for your conference that you will find nowhere else.

Want to be undisturbed? If you wish, your group can have the entire hotel to itself.

Our largest function room will accommodate 70 conference participants.


“Humans have always had a strong attachment to nature, and untouched forest makes the strongest impression of all. A point has been made of protecting such areas, which have often been lost in other parts of Europe. In Trollheimen, the trees can grow big and old. Their age means that many people who use this landscape will feel a link with the past, because the enormous, shaggy trees have defied wind and weather for many hundreds of years.” (Extract from ‘Furukjempene in Trollheimen’ by Morten Gåsvand)

The Saga Trollheimen Hotel is the perfect base for enjoying the mountains, with guided hikes combined with activities in summer, autumn, winter and spring alike. We are happy to show you the way.