Saga Trollheimen Hotel


You'll find distinctive local food from Rindal and the surrounding villages.

An enchanting dining hall is sure to enhance the cultural food experience.


Dining Hall

The main building houses our dining hall which seats 50-60 guests. Long tables with room for 10 or 20 people. Prepared for celebrations, rough or everyday use. Good chairs and benches.


Banquet Hall

In the chipboard house lies our special banquet hall, with room for over 70 people. Adjoining the great hall lies Saga´s bar with full license. On open events the chipboard house can accomodate over 300 people.


The Smokehouse

The smokehouse seats 24 people, and surrounding the fireplace where the food is prepared, you’ll sit on moose and reindeer skin. Meanwhile, the chat is lively, the bard plays and the chef prepares a selection of forest dishes. Capercaillie, bear, moose, reindeer and red deer with root vegetables, mushrooms and[…]